Sir Peter Hall
 Hall's first production of Hamlet was for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1965. It starred David Warner as the Prince. 
 Hall's first production appeared 'traditional', in order to foreground the feeling of old-fashioned morality and operations in the court of Denmark. 
 Hall returned to the play in 1975, this time starring Albert Finney. The production was created to mark the opening of the Lyttleton Theatre, part of the National Theatre complex on the South Bank. 
 The cast of Hall's 1975 production included Albert Finney as Hamlet and Angela Lansbury as Gertrude. Lansbury is only eleven years older than Finney. 
 Hall directed a third production of Hamlet in 1995, starring Stephen Dillane as the Prince. 
 Much was made of the nudity in Hall's 1995 production - as this posed magazine photograph clearly shows. 
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